Friday, February 11, 2011

And just exactly what is a "funk box"?

Back in 1982, most parties took place inside vestibules known only as "funk boxes." Recently, controversy has arisen revolving around precisely what a funk box actually was, though we have very little record of these boxes of funk. Photography was not allowed at funk box parties, so there is hardly any documented evidence. Some have theorized that a funk box was nothing more than a particularly ripe port-a-potty. Others have postulated that Rick James was buried in the last known funk box. Further speculation would have us believe that a funk box was nothing more than a box full of funk. We may never know the truth behind this mystery, but the closest thing we have to go on is the classic 1982 single by The Masterdon Committee, "Funk Box Party, Part 1":

Not coincidentally, Master P used the chorus from Funk Box Party on his hit 1997 single, "Make 'Em Say Ugh", which leads me to believe that whatever is inside of a funk box is disgusting enough to cause anyone to say "ugh".

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